YLIF4 yttrium-lithium double fluoride crystals activated by rare earth elements


Laser-quality crystals up to Ø 20 mm in size, up to 115 mm in length.

Crystal type Field of use
YLF:Nd, 1.053 mkm It is used as a master laser for powerful phosphate glass laser systems (λgen.=1,054 microns)
YLF:Er, 0.850 mkm
YLF:Ho, 0.750 mkm
It is used to create highly sensitive measuring systems - location lasers, night illumination and hidden photography
YLF:Er, 1.700 mkm
ab-YLF 2.100 mkm
It is used to create eye-safe laser systems - target illumination lasers
YLF-Ce, 0.29-0.32 mkm Used for a powerful tunable laser
YLF:Er, 0.85 и 1.7 mkm
YLF:Ho, 0.75 и 0.98 mkm
YLF:Tm, 2.35 и 1.89 mkm
It is used to create complex measuring systems operating at multiple wavelengths (so-called multi-frequency lasers)
YLF-Ho, 3.9 mkm It is used to create a laser operating in the spectral range, promising for guidance systems
YLF:Tm, 0.45 mkm It is used to create environments with a high gain for microlazers
LiLnF4 (Ln=Er,Ho,Tm) Used to create materials with a high gain