Compliance with Safety Standards

Organization information

ИНН: 7811483834
ОКВЭД: 72.19
ОГРН: 1117847038121
Дата заполнения: 15.05.2020
Security level: Basic security level
Category: Industrial enterprise
Информация на сайте Центра развития и поддержки предпринимательства

Adopted mandatory measures for the implementation of the activity:

  • Organization of systematic work to inform employees about the risks of a new coronavirus infection covid-19, measures for individual prevention, the need for timely medical attention when the first symptoms of ARVI appear
  • Development and placement in the right places of the rules of personal hygiene, entry and exit from the premises, cleaning regulations
  • Daily visual examination and questioning of workers for the presence of ARVI symptoms
  • Measuring the temperature of workers before starting work (at a temperature of 37.0 and above, or with other obvious signs of ARVI, the employee must be removed from pa6oti). Registration of each temperature measurement in the employee temperature logbook
  • Providing workers with a stock of disposable masks (based on the duration of the work shift and changing masks at least once every 2 hours) for use during work, as well as disinfectant wipes, skin antiseptics for treating hands, disinfectants
  • Provision of personnel with skin antiseptics
  • Equipping workplaces in case of need for contacts with visitors with devices that protect employees from direct droplet infection
  • Mandatory fulfillment by employees of the rules of personal hygiene and industrial sanitation, depending on the specifics of the activities of the organization (individual entrepreneur)
  • Dispose of disposable industrial clothing appropriately at the end of the shift when in use
  • Preventive disinfection of premises on a systematic basis, which includes personal hygiene measures, frequent washing of hands with soap or treatment with skin antiseptics, disinfection of table and kitchen utensils, ventilation and air disinfection, wet cleaning of premises using disinfectants
  • Carrying out wet cleaning of premises using disinfectants before starting work
  • Cleaning the premises at least once a shift at the end of work using disinfectants
  • The presence of rubber mats or rugs made of porous material, moistened with disinfectants, in front of the entrances to the premises
  • Airing and wet cleaning of premises at the end of the work shift (or at least after 6 hours) using disinfectants by wiping with disinfectant wipes (or solutions of disinfectants) door handles, handrails, tables, chair backs (armrests), sinks for washing hands at the entrance to the dining room (dining room), self-service showcases
  • Daily washing, cleaning and disinfection of hand wash sinks, lavatories and waste containers
  • Treatment of all incoming mail with suitable disinfectants
  • Ensuring the organization of the boundaries of the designated area on the territory of the organization (individual entrepreneur), functioning for the unloading and loading of goods, raw materials and materials that are necessary to ensure the functioning of the organization (individual entrepreneur)