Crystal Products

Products of the Direction


SPA Crystal carries out research and development in the following areas: activated crystalline materials, functional crystalline optical materials, crystalline and polycrystalline materials for operation in a wide spectral range (UV, visible, IR). On the basis of the NPC is carried out:

  • growth of gadolinium-scandium-aluminum garnet crystals, yttrium-lithium double fluoride with rare earth elements, potassium-gadolinium tungstate activated with neodymium, barium nitrate and nickel sulfate and manufacture of active optical elements from them;
  • production of billets of leucosapfyre, calcium fluoride, barium and lithium, zinc selenide and zinc selenide/zinc sulfide composite for pass-through optics of UV, visible and IR ranges;
  • production of hemispherical blanks from deformed lithium fluoride crystal.

Among the latest developments of the Institute in this area is the technology of creating the most efficient crystal for laser technology. Its uniqueness lies in the conversion of laser radiation in the wavelength range of 1.3-1.5 microns. Since 2018, the innovative method has been used in the production of devices for rangefinder, targeting, surgery and processing of various materials.

Exploratory research is underway on effective ultrafast scintillation optical ceramics based on zinc oxide doped with gallium (ZnO:Ga) and indium (ZnO:In). The set of characteristics of scintillation ceramics based on ZnO will allow them to be used:

  • in radiation sensors, including for α-particle detectors of D-T neutron generators;
  • for research (diagnostics) of heavy ion beams produced at JINR accelerators (Dubna) and at GSI (Darmstadt, Germany), as well as in the ITER project (international experimental thermonuclear reactor project);
  • in scintillation detectors of positron emission tomographs.