Active elements from KGV crystals (KGd(WO4)2:Nd) 


The active elements are mechanically strong and can be operated during operation and after exposure to mechanical loads.

Application area

  • Laser rangefinders and safety vision lidars at a wavelength of 1.54 μm


Characteristic Value
Operating mode KGV generation conversion:Nd 1.35 microns inside the KGV crystal in the radiation of 1.54 μm
Mass fraction of trivalent neodymium 0.5–0.7 %
Antireflection coating at wavelengths l =1,067 , l=1,351, l=1,54 μm
Pulse energy of laser radiation (1.54 microns) -10 mJ Еi
Operating environment temperature range -60…+70 oС
Minimum operating time of active elements in monopulse mode at least 5 × 104
Shelf life at least 15 лет