Fiber Products

Products of the Direction


Manufacturing of optical fibers and fiber-optic products is a complex technological process which is ensured by the accurate maintenance of well-developed parameters of production regimes. High-quality equipment, long-term experience and great scientific researchers’ potential contribute to attaining fiber-optic products with characteristics relevant to international standards.

The key mission of the Scientific and Production Department “Fiber” is the development and manufacturing of silica optical fibers and products for civil and military applications. Today our company commercially produces following items:

  • polarization-maintaining single-mode optical fibers with diameters 40, 80 and 125 µm;
  • photosensitive single-mode optical fibers (for fiber Bragg gratings inscription);
  • bend-insensitive single-mode optical fibers;
  • single-mode microstructured large-mode-area optical fibers;
  • step-index multi-mode optical fibers with core diameters from 50 to 1000 µm;
  • graded-index multi-mode optical fibers with low temporal dispersion designed for operation in the UV and visible spectral ranges;
  • multi-mode photonic crystal fibers for spectral conversion of radiation;
  • optical fibers with hermetic metal (tin, lead) coating;
  • radiation-resistant optical fibers;
  • fiber-optic cables (patch-cords and pigtails) and bundles;
  • silica mono- and polycapillaries including a protective coating;
  • silica capillaries with inner diameter 126 µm.

The Scientific and Production Department “Fiber” also performs scientific fundamental and practical researches and developments in following perspective directions:

  • single-mode optical fibers which are insensitive simultaneously to bending, temperature and irradiation for use in space and nuclear industry;
  • few-mode optical fibers for multi-gigabit and industrial networks;
  • single- and multi-mode optical fibers with a combined (polymer/metal) coating for cable products;
  • light-diffusing optical fibers for agro-photonics, medicine and lighting systems;
  • anti-resonant hollow-core optical fibers;
  • optical fibers with induced chirality (longitudinal twisting);
  • tapered optical fibers;
  • optical fibers with a composite core (with nanocrystal inclusions based on oxide materials doped with rare earth metal ions);
  • luminescent fiber-optic sensors for measuring temperature of various objects.

Over the last 20 years the intensive researches have been performed to develop, study and apply the new generation of optical fibers – microstructured and photonic crystal optical fibers which operate as a medium for delivery, conversion and generation of light beams by the methods of non-classical fiber optics. Particularly, among the last advances is the development of anti-resonant hollow-core optical fibers functioning in the mid-IR spectral range. This range will be of great demand within the next few years in optics, sensor techniques, metrology, and quantum optics.

The new commercially available product of the company is the multi-mode optical fiber with a rectangular (square) core from 100×100 to 400×400 µm for diode-based pumping systems of solid-state lasers. The advantages of this product in comparison with standard optical fibers having a round core include more uniform power distribution across the light beam cross-section and lowered losses when coupling with a laser pumping module.