Fiber optic bundles


Fiber optic bundles with step-index multi-mode optical fibers in acrylate or metal (tin, lead) coating 

Bundles are produced with circular or rectangular input or output cross-section geometry. Transmitted light can be divided into channels.

Typical Applications

  • Illumination systems
  • Systems for delivery of optical radiation


Parameter Value
Operating Wavelength Range, nm 250–1200 (High-OH)
400-2000 (Low-OH)
Numerical Aperture 0.22 (Step-index multi-mode optical fibers with a fluorosilicate cladding)
0.36 (Step-index multi-mode optical fibers with a silicone cladding)
0.45 (Step-index multi-mode optical fibers with a fluoroacrylate cladding)
Fiber Core Diameter, μm* 50-400
Effective Core Diameter, mm 0.2–10
Fiber Arrangement Circular, Square
Transmission Efficiency, %** ≥ 50
Connector Type*** SMA905
Protective Jacketing Material PEEK, PVC, PTFE, Silicone
Length, m 0.2–25****

*Other diameters on demand

**Depends on operating wavelength and linear fiber optic bundle length

***Fiber optic bundles can be produced according to the Customer’s connector type specifications

****Given for fiber optic bundles produced from optical fibers with a core size ≥ 50 µm

 Fiber optic bundles can be produced with channel separation according to the Customer’s requirements