High-power fiber optic cables


Fiber optic cables with a single step-index multi-mode optical fiber in acrylate or metal (tin, lead) coating.

Field of application:

Systems for delivery of high-power laser radiation


Parameter Value
Operating Wavelength Range, nm 250-1200 (High-OH),
400-2000 (Low-OH)
Numerical Aperture 0,22
Damage Threshold @ 780 nm, kW/cm2 150
Optical Fiber Core Diameter, µm 50-1000
Optical Fiber Coating Thickness, µm* > 50 (Acrylate)
40-80 (Tin, Lead)
Connector Type High Power SMA905
Protective Jacketing Diameter, mm* 3
Protective Jacketing Material PEEK, PVC, PTFE, Silicone

*Other diameters on demand